At Bedwick and Jones Printing, we help our clients do great things.

Bedwick and Jones - Foundations

Non-Profits, Charities & Foundations

Our clients are leaders in addressing hunger, poverty, homelessness, children’s services, community development, and philanthropy.

The printing job is beautiful! The colors are clear and crisp and the tones are just what we want. I was amazed, in particular, with the cover. As always, you and your staff are really a joy to work with. Thank you so much!

Director of Publications, University

Bedwick and Jones - Finance


Our clients include banks, securities firms, law firms, investment banks and management companies.

Everyone who’s ever purchased printing knows that printers love to promise the world before a project is awarded, but often fall short in delivering on those promises. That’s not the case with Bedwick & Jones – their reliability is consistently fantastic.

Marketing Manager, Financial Institution

Bedwick and Jones - Healthcare


Our clients include healthcare systems, hospitals, cancer research and treatment facilities, community health centers, rehabilitation and extended care services, pharmaceutical companies, and health insurance companies.

In my book, the list is short when it comes to printing companies I can trust. Your prepress graphic designers take my design files, make color refinements, and prepare the piece perfectly for press.

Executive, Advertising Agency

Bedwick and Jones - National Retailers

National Retailers

For our national retailers, we print and distribute directly to their department stores throughout the United States and Canada.

You guys are always incredible – only 48 hours to print, package, and ship thousands of gorgeous in-store signs, in multiple sizes, for a major sale initiative to our 68 stores across the nation. You are so responsive when we need a printer for tight deadlines.

Print Buyer, National Retailer

Bedwick and Jones - National Retailers

Arts and Culture

Our clients include museums, galleries, arts foundations, theatre, film, and music companies, Broadway shows, and entertainment venues.

Bedwick and Jones has provided us with exceptional customer service. We are very grateful to work with such an accommodating, optimistic, and talented staff. The catalogues Bedwick and Jones prints for us beautifully reflect the Gallery’s aesthetic and the work of the artists we represent.

Director, New York City Art Gallery

Bedwick and Jones - Education


Our clients include colleges and universities, libraries, publishers, literary centers, language institutes, and secondary schools.

Your in-house mailing and packaging division has a keen knowledge of the nuances of postal services requirements and postage discounts. Bedwick and Jones does it all – prints, addresses, pre-sorts, bundles, and even speaks directly with Postal Supervisors to ensure the ultimate care of our alumni and admission recruitment mailers.

Production Director, University